What are class actions?

The term class action is used to described what is otherwise called Group Litigation or Collective Redress Actions in other legal jurisidictions across the world. Group litigation is the form of redress that is used in the UK as class action is not permitted in the UK. They are differrent but work in similar ways. Litigation Backing works with leading litigation companies to help you find the best way of addressing a group action case and get the funding behind your claim.

Group actions explained

Group actions are becoming increasingly popular in the legal world, and are being used on a far more regular basis in order to address a claim.

Group action cases can be worth considering if you have low-level claims.

It is a way for individuals who have similar claims about wrongdoings against a specific firm or individual, and avoid the pitfalls that can be encountered if individuals have to make their own separate claim each time

Why use group action?

There are a number of very valid reasons as to why group action can be a better way to face redress when making a claim. Here are the most common reasons why people take this route:

  • Collective strength: there is no denying that going into litigation can be a scary experience for individuals, especially if going against a Defendant who is well-resourced or represents a large corporation. In some cases, it can stop a claimant going ahead with the case completely, despite having a valid dispute. However, with group litigation, you can mitigate this, helping to redress the balance.
  • Sharing of knowledge: by joining together with other claimants with a similar dispute, you can benefit from the commonolality of your claim as well as the sharing of knowledge. These advantages could prove invaluable in your case, allowing justice where otherwise indivdiuals may have been denied it completely. By having the opportunity to share legal advice and documentation, you could help strengthen your case.
  • Reducing costs: if your case was litigated on an individual basis, then that would mean you as the claimant would have to incur the cost of advice on your own. However, with a group action case, this is shared across claimants. Furthermore, the risk of paying the other sides costs if they are successful is also reduced, and often funding arrangements can be more benefical for groups than individuals.
  • Test cases: quite often test cases are then selected from the group of claimants, meaning the rest benefit from the decisions in those cases. Collectively funding these test cases is reduced and shared, and usually just a small percentage of bringing forward one claim alone.

Class action with Litigation Backing

If you are looking to pursue a group action case, our team of expert advisers can help you to find the right litigation finance specialist to fund your case. This is on a no-win, no-fee basis, meaning that you will only pay costs in the event that you win the case. We work with a number of leading litigation companies, meaning we can cater to your individual needs and cirumstances in order to find the very best deal based on your claim.

To get started, all you need to do is fill in an application form on our website today, providing us details as to the claim you are intending to make. This can all be done in a matter of 10 minutes. Once this has been done, our dedicated team will review your application internally in order to then put you in touch with a litigation finance specialist who is most likely to help you get backing for your claim. It is as simple as that! So, get in touch today!