Arbitration Finance explained

Across the world, arbitration is considered to be one of the most effective and preferred methods of settling disputes among commercial parties. This method is usually quick, cost-effective and a specialised way in which to resolve disputes in the most positive way possible. It provides both parties with the option of being able to resolve their issues without having to resort to going to court, and has become a particular popular option in a number of economic sectors and industries due to the lower costs as well as minimal time commitments that are typically involved with arbitration compared to other dispute alternatives.


However, whilst costs are usually lower than other dispute resolution alternatives, it doesn’t mean it is always cheap. That is where arbitration finance by Litigation Backing comes in to help. We understand that going into arbitration may leave you out of pocket, or that you may find it difficult in the first place to afford it. Therefore, we provide an option to our clients of arbitration finance, so that you have the ability to remove potential capital risk when tackling a dispute. We can help you to put you in touch with the best litigation finance companies, taking into account your individual circumstances and provide you with the necessary funds that you will need up front in order to take action against the other party, so you can receive the damages that you deserve.

How Litigation Backing can help

Wondering how our dedicated team can help you with your case? By filling in an application form on our website, we can take on your enquiry and take into consideration all of the relevant circumstances and then help to find you the company that will be most likely to help you financially. We only work with reputable litigation finance firms, as making sure our clients are taken care of us is of utmost importance to us. At this point, if you are happy with the business we have chosen to assist you with your dispute, then a contract will be made and you will then receive your fees upfront in order to help you cover the cost of legal fees, as well as things such as living costs and paying solicitors. In summary, we will help to assist you with the finance you need in order that you can confidently go on to win your case without having to worry about financing.

Apply today with Litigation Backing

Want to get going with getting your arbitration finance sorted? Then start your application today with by contacting Litigation Backing . No need to worry about it taking up a considerable amount of time, we have made the application process is quick and efficient as possible. Simply fill in an application form online today (this should take you no less than 10 minutes to complete). Then our expert advisers will review your arbitration case before deciding the next step. If successful, claimants have the ability to borrow up to £1 billion in total, according to the strength of the application made. Generally speaking, the more information you provide to us initially, the better the assistance that we will be able to provide you.