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If you have been treated unfairly and are looking to claim compensation, litigation finance is designed to help you cover any upfront and ongoing legal fees and damages. The funding provided can help you to take a company to court and obtain a large settlement that is rightfully yours.

By providing some details about your case, Litigation Backing will review your claim in more detail and put you in touch with the litigation finance company who is mostly like to approve your claim up to £1 billion. Please enter your details provided and one of our advisors will get in touch with you immediately.

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Key Points About Litigation Finance

At Litigation Backing, we have expert advisers to review your individual dispute or arbitration case and we will introduce you to the litigation funder who is most likely to accept your claim.

  • Litigation funding company takes a percentage of your claim
  • Based on a no-win, no fee basis
  • Covers legal fees, expert fees and court costs
  • Borrow £1,000 to £1 billion
  • Mitigates financial risk and helps maintain a healthy cashflow

Pursuing a commercial claim can be very expensive and can often be a reason to hold back. However, you should not avoid litigation simply because of the cost. If you have a rightful claim, a specialist litigation finance company can provide you with the necessary funds upfront to take action against the guilty party and receive the damages that you deserve.

Claimants can borrow up to £1 billion depending on the strength of their claim. The more information that you can provide, the better our internal team at Litigation Backing can assist and help you get the finance you need.

How Litigation Backing Works

Our 4-step Process
Step 1

Provide full information about your claim in the form required or contact us here.

Step 2

Our advisors will review your dispute and provide professional feedback.

Step 3

We introduce you to the litigation finance company who is able to fund your claim.

Step 4

Receive your funds upfront to cover legal fees, solicitors and living costs. Get ready to go to court and win your case.

Frequently Asked Questions About Litigation Finance

Common Questions

What is Litigation Finance?

Litigation finance provides you with financial support to cover any legal fees, solicitor fees and living costs required when claiming a dispute. The idea is that having litigation finance gives you less financial risk and allows you to make a claim for a significant sum which would not have been feasible without effective backing.

What Are The Fees For Litigation Funding?

There are no upfront fees for using litigation finance. The funding provider takes a percentage of the proceeds after you have won your case. For this reason, funders need to be confident that you will have a strong case and can win it, since it practically works on a no win, no fee basis.

Fees may vary depending on the risk of the case, including ‘success fees’ for requesting additional capital.

Should I Speak To More Than One Litigation Finance Company?

Yes, it is important to get quotes from a variety of sources and under the different terms available. Fortunately, at Litigation Backing we have a relationship with a number of financiers in the industry and can provide a number of financial solutions and arrangements for you to choose from.

Should I Get Litigation Insurance?

Yes, and this is another service that we offer. In the event that you lose your case, litigation insurance can still provide some kind of financial backup for any legal fees or solicitors that are hired on a damage-based free structure. It can also offer indemnity insurance if you believe that the lawyers have acted negligibly.